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T.S Brisbane

Before my sessions with Deb, I was a mess, not that anyone would have guessed .

I was lacking direction professionally and dealing with some personal issues I didn’t care to talk about… yet I knew they needed to be solved. What was great about Deb is that she didn’t require a “confessional” approach, rehashing painful topics but rather intuitively knew, through our chats, the root cause of them. From there she set a number of tailor made tasks designed to address and solve these issues from the inside out.
With each session I felt better and better and could feel the issues dissolving to the point where I have great clarity and direction, personally and professionally. This was all very quick, within a few short weeks, not a long drawn out process.

Deb has an amazing gift and it’s well worth exploring what a session is like with her, if you have any challenges professionally or personally. She is really easy to talk to so the session flows and feels like you’re talking to an old friend, and everything remains confidential.

She’s like an amplifier for your soul. T.S Brisbane




Hi Debbra I just want to thank you for your support and spiritual guidance for the last
20 years. The work I have done with you has assisted me to develop into a person that
believes that anything is possible and to work through deep karmic patterns. Your
mentoring has shown me to take responsibility and be accountable for my life. I have the self confidence to create and manifest things in my life which, I have created so many wonderful and magical opportunities to grow as a person..many thanks Louise

John – Australia

This is a few words about Debbra Schembri. I am a very busy person and I have only ever had consults with Deb over the phone. I appreciate her input on all sorts of matters. Personal as well as work or business which is always personal anyway, it’s generally the people stuff that catches me out. I like the way she brings it back to me every time whatever conflict or problem is going on. Her insights are very useful. I am a left brainer and sometimes need a bit of help with seeing another person’s perspective especially all that emotional IQ bit.


When I am bogged down she gives me the info I need to keep me moving, have a laugh at myself at times or rub my butt that she has just so nicely kicked. She is like a personal trainer for my conscience and sessions with her keep me on track and help me to keep my big ego in check LOL. Thanks Deb love your work .John


Sage – Hong Kong

I met Debbra at a health retreat in Thailand. At the time I was going through a heavy personal challenge and her caring and insights were invaluable, she helped me work through a major issue very quickly and kept taking me further into claiming the gifts that the situation had for me and that’s what I like the most - I went from being devastated to feeling like there was some sense to the whole thing. She seems to have this ability to interpret the situation in a way that opens up so much growth and self realisations- I could not imagine that such a devastating experience could end up being so rich with personal growth from me.  Since that time I have been doing a personal mentoring with Deb on the phone and I am even grateful for the experience now as I am so much happier than I was before the event .Sage





Connect2Soul with Debbra is like NO other. I would not normally recommend anyone lightly, but Debbra is seriously EXTRA special. First off, she tunes right into YOU. Into your soul… and seems to knows exactly what needs to be developed/understood/perceived Etc. in order for you to get your sense of worth/power/love-life/purpose/life in general (whatever you require) back on track.


As cliché as this is going to sound, she seriously changed my entire life with her powerful insight. When I found her I was wallowing in denial and stuck in the past. I was sad, angry and hurting. All due to unresolved trauma from of a childhood steeped in abuse, abandonment and neglect. Basically I had no life! I was a sad-sack adult! With Debbra’s help I totally turned it around! Working with her not only healed me, but also led me to finding my purpose.


Now I live a life that is fuelled with passion, creativity, fight, freedom, hope, trust and dignity.

I proudly state that Debbra Schembri is the ONLY person I trust to work with and has become my mentor. I cannot recommend her enough to friends, to anyone and for any situation. Ginene Dandelion Humphrey


Josie – NSW

I have seen many healers, psychics and spiritual teachers over the years and when I first heard about Debbra from a friend I was a sceptical, as I’ve always found this field all a bit airy fairy – however she came very highly recommended by a friend who is a fellow property developer and investor so I decided to give it a go. This one session led to a series of coaching and various retreats with Debbra which have had a 


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