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Energy healing consultations with Debbra are focused totally on whatever YOU need for your next step and are one-on-one personal growth mentoring sessions. Debbra has laser-like intuitive abilities that can cut right through the fog and get straight to the core, helping you to gain the growth out of any challenge, past or present. Your personal power and clarity are waiting inside of you – let Debbra guide you to it.


Debbra has had 20+ years of experience working with countless individuals internationally as a Self Awareness and Empowerment expert, Intuitive Counsellor, Energy healer, Lifestyle Coach, Healing Facilitator, Meditation Teacher and Holistic Educator. Her good sense of humour and gentle, genuine approach will make you feel safe as she shares your journey of ups and downs with you.

Her practice has been built mostly on personal recommendations and she loves to assist people to be happier, healthier, more abundant, awake, intuitive, empowered and successful.

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Debbra is rearing to go and excited to have the opportunity to assist you on your path of holistic success and well-being.