Ultimate Focus Retreats  

Exclusive Personal Retreats in Bali

One on One - a profound inner and outer journey

 Are you tired of groups, seminars, workshops ? being one of the crowd ...

These retreats are designed specifically for YOU

We will discuss your reasons for feeling drawn to a personal retreat and we will plan our time together, so that you get maximum benefit from your investment of your precious time and money. 


Learn how to examine your life from a very different perspective. Step back - review your life. 

Are you worrying, stressing or feeling stuck? 

Do you need to clarify what you want ? Or do you already know but its just not happening?

My specialty area is identifying and clearing these blocks, so your path is clear

Deep soul searching has he power to totally change your life

Nurture your spirit, Recharge your batteries, step back into your life with renewed energy.

Prices starting from AUD $2500

Lets have a chat about how a One on One retreat can help you. Dates available to suit you from September 2020 ongoing.

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Common benefits from retreats with Debbra


  • Better quality sleep – an ability to get back to sleep if waking during the night

  • Improved focus and feeling calm

  • Less stress and tension in mind and body

  • Relief from negative thinking patterns

  • Increased Self awareness

  • Relief from headaches or stress symptoms

  • Emotional balance

  • With continued training benefits range from:

  • Changing bad habits

  • Improving relationships

  • More Emotional Intelligence – Less Reactivity

  • Creating more Success

  • Developing Intuition

  • Greater connection to Higher Self

  • Being more present in relationships.

  • and so much more depending on each unique person and what they desire