Spiritual Healing Training in Bali or Adelaide

One Week Intensive Training for Healers


Experience 1 week training with 2 shaman healers/seers
Debbra Schembri from Australia and Gedesastra Kumalaputra from Bali
Between them they have done thousands of hours of healing and private guidance consultations.  Both of them are natural healers and intuitives and  they have both trained many many hundreds of healers from around the world.

 Now joining forces and skills in this very specialised mentoring for healers.

If you already are experienced they have the ability to highly fine tune your abilities and take you to the next level. They can see how your energy is running, how you can upgrade your skills and generally how to progress as a healer. This is very personalised work focused on how you want to develop and also what we see and recommend.
Regardless of what modality you currently use we can help to empower you.

If you are new but passionate and willing to learn we will help you to move very quickly into becoming confident with healing and what modality or technique is best for you.

Being a healer, shaman or Intuitive guide is not glamorous and not about having spiritual ego.
If you are sincere and want to help others from your heart then we want to help you.
You may benefit from this training to help you either solely in your personal life if this is your interest or as a healing professional continuing training.

Debbra has been teaching energy healing, shamanic healing and teaching various healing and self empowerment modalities for over 25 yrs.
Gede is a well known, highly experienced and respected healer and teacher in Bali.
Between them they help thousands of people from around the world to be healthier happier and more aligned with their soul and their purpose.

Come and spend this magical week with Debbra and Gede as they teach you healing,energy and spiritual practices only few people in the world know.

These practices are valuable for:


  • - personal well being, healing and spiritual development

  • - helping family and friends

  • - in your profession as a healer or health professional.

  • - doing community service healing, here in Australia or in Bali.

If you are already working in health or well being you can expand your skills and knowledge. This is the foundation course and for those interested in being trained and mentored by Debbra and Gede in the future the training opportunities will continue here in adelaide and in Bali and this course is essential.