Your Intuitive Language


If you want to feel balanced and well, there is often a lot more to it than simply what you’re eating and putting into your body. We are quite complex, we do have very strong emotions and there’s really not that much room in the way we live for emotional expression. If we cry, we are weak or over-emotional. If we don’t cry, that’s more functional or normal. If we’re angry, it can be counter-productive in everyday life so we don’t play that out, unless it’s on ourselves with self-destructive behaviours.

It's interesting that we are seeing more emotion displayed on reality TV shows now which I see as a positive development. We are becoming more comfortable with tears I hope, as it helps us to feel more compassionate and connected to others.

The emotional realm is deep and complex and really deserves time and focus. There could be a lot of emotion behind the symptoms you are feeling.

For instance, if you’re feeling tense, uptight or ‘stressed’. When we start looking at our own intuitive language of our body, a word like ‘stressed’ is a bit too broad and can be put into the too-hard basket for some people because ‘stress comes with the job’ or the like. But stress does have a huge impact on our health and wellbeing. If left unaddressed for many years, stress can cause breakdowns in our health if we go for a long time not listening to ourselves and our symptoms.

You can get to know the intuitive language of your body, to understand the signals that your symptoms are trying to give you. Symptoms are our friends not our enemies and are like a red flag waving saying "look here! focus here!". It's your body's inner wisdom trying to get you to stop and listen and make some changes.

Learning your own intuitive language can also help you to develop your intuition and how to read your own personal reactions and feelings to help you be clear on what direction to go in life.

When we have big choices to make, instead of looking outside of ourselves for the answers, we can use our own feedback system to get clarity.

Let me show you how to develop your intuition.