The Focus Method – Learning the intuitive language of your body


Your intuition, or inner-tuition, can help you get in touch with your true feelings which are your body’s nonverbal communication signals.

Your body is really a communication system. In fact, our whole being – our body/mind/self - is a whole communication system. Our brain is communicating with our nerves which communicate with our cells and our organs, which communicate with each other. If you look at it from a scientific perspective, you can see there is a whole lot of unconscious communication going on within our bodies all the time. We are aware of this on a ‘need-to-know basis’ when we have an urge to do something like eat, exercise, sleep or go to the toilet. To varying degrees, we listen to these urges and some of us choose to push through them for as long as we can, until we can’t ignore them any longer.

The intelligence of our body is non-verbal communication therefore we are going to receive our messages through feelings, sensations and urges.

On a visual level, we have symptoms that are signals of something happening within the body/mind system. It could be a skin condition, or an eye problem, or even fat, cellulite and enlarged veins. It’s not really anything to be freaked out by or want to cover up - it’s more to be welcomed. Because our body is like a two-way mirror and sometimes there are things going on that we can’t see, but often we can see and we don’t want to see.

On a feeling level, we can have various kinds of pain like tension, sprains, strains, burning or itching. Often in our busy lifestyles we want to cover up those feelings and get something that will make them go away. For instance, we want to get rid of our headache, so we get some over-the-counter pain killers. We either ignore our feelings, or we want to cover them up, or we listen to them.

A GP can help us interpret those signals sometimes. But often people go to the doctor as a knee-jerk reaction, rather than just stopping and working out what their body is trying to tell them.

When you get to know your own body’s language you can feel more empowered around your health. Then when you go to see someone, whether it’s a doctor or a natural therapist or holistic practitioner, you can go with a bit of focus. Maybe you've taken the time to sit down and write down exactly what your symptoms are, how long you've been feeling them and whether you've felt these feelings before. There are a few really simple questions you can ask yourself that can start to show you if there are some lifestyle changes you can make that would relieve these symptoms.

How does your body talk to you? It’s a bit different for everyone. We all have a fingerprint, for example, but no two are the same. Our intuitive language is unique to us and although there will be many similarities it’s very hard to generalise. We have some wonderful books, like Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life, that talk about symptoms and mental and emotional patterns behind those symptoms and what you can do naturally, using affirmations, colour, visualisation, flower remedies or other natural healing methods.

The Focus Method applied to your health

The Focus Method is not a replacement for seeing a health practitioner. It’s an aid in empowerment – to empower you to stop, look and listen more. Stop for a moment, before you take the headache tablet or see your therapist again, and give you some tools to help you to tune in to yourself.

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We feel things because we’re meant to feel. Our feelings don’t lie, generally. So we can use our feelings to help us make empowered choices.

We are living in this wonderful information age that is so freeing and empowering. However, at the same time, it’s more important now than ever before that we have the ability to discern and decide what is right and true for us.

There is so much conflicting truth out there and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. When you have a specific health problem and you go to someone for advice, often what you’re getting is their opinion. Sometimes this is based on the fact it worked really well for them and it’s really valid, but is it valid for you?

You can use The Focus Method to discern and decide what’s good for you in this age of overwhelming information, so you can make choices with increased awareness.

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Changes in life can be hard things to navigate. When life is cruising along in the same way, there may not be a huge need to use intuition. For some people, developing intuition is a hobby or an interest and they want to develop it.

Intuition is really to do with feelings. If we get feelings, for some people it’s a ‘knowing’ – they can’t explain it, they just know it with certainty. Some people call it a ‘gut feeling’.

But it’s the rare bird that can have that level of certainty all the time in their lives and I don’t really think that’s the aim. I don’t think it’s about becoming these super human beings that are so efficient we know exactly what our bodies are telling us at every moment.

It’s a journey of self-enquiry, self-awareness and self-knowledge that helps us to grow within. To grow in our relationship with ourselves, grow to be more comfortable with ourselves and to know ourselves better. How many times have I heard people say “I don’t know who I am really”?

Through communicating with ourselves in subtle ways, we start to get to know who we are.

For some people, they handle change really well and even thrive on change, while others do not cope well and find change the most stressful thing they could go through. These are the times when we may lose the certainty we usually have.

We can use this method in those times of necessity when we need to be clearer to tap into our own knowing and figure out what’s best for ourselves as an individual.

We can use our feelings to help us have a better relationship with our intuition. We can use it to make business decisions, to ‘just know’ what our next step is, or who we should and shouldn't associate with, for example. Or, we can use it in our personal relationships to figure out what the best thing is when we’re feeling very emotional, confused or overwhelmed.

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