Intuitive Sessions


Debbra is highly empathic and sensitive and has been an intuitive and teacher of intuition for many years. Whether you have phone or face2face coaching, counselling or any other of her services, it is all intuitive work.

These sessions are not clairvoyant and will not predict your future. Her psychic abilities are used to accelerate the process so she can help you uncover what you need to move forward quickly and change deeply.

Debbra believes the best way to predict your future is to create it and she helps her clients to do that. However, her intuitive, psychic and healing abilities take an ordinary session to extraordinary results. She can "read" a situation or help you to access your own inner knowing so you can be clear on things like your talents and abilities, work and career direction, relationships, or whatever you are reaching for understanding better.

Debbra can see the root causes behind patterns, blocks and ailments and her sessions are always grounded, practical and useful.