Consults Retreats & Journeys with Debbra


Bali Blessings Retreats & Journeys 

Spiritual Cultural & Healing

Join Debbra in Bali for an intensive healing retreat or a spiritual cultural adventure. Stay in a luxurious villa, visit the healing hot springs, temples and participate in traditional ceremonies.


Self Development designed just for YOU. Everyone is unique and people take a mentoring or coaching package with very different focus. This one on one transformational process will be tailored to your personal needs, goals or interests.

An initial private session is a pre-requisite for this programme. Inquire if interested.



 Ultimate Focus Coaching

  A Series of sessions delivered In Person  or by Phone or Skype


Debbra speciialises in one on one retreats for people wanting to focus on an aspect of their life. Designed especially for YOU. 5 days with Debbra in Adelaide or Bali. Luxurious accommodation Cutting edge information and guidance for a healthy & balanced on all levels . From evening classes to retreats in Bali.

Ultimate Focus Retreats  

    Holistic Self Awareness & Well-being

Balian - Spiritual Healing Training in Bali 

Personal Training

Experience 1 week training with 2 shaman healers/seers Debbra Schembri from Australia and Gedesastra Kumalaputra from Bali Between them they have done thousands of hours of healing and private guidance consultations.

Bali Turtle Release

Save tha turtles in Bali, participate in athis unique experience, release a baby turtle into the ocean.

Suraberata Turtle Conservation Farm


Endangered Olive Ridley turlles hatchlings are nurtured at the farm & we invite you to name and release a young turtle. Attend a release ceremony, visit the farm. All proceeds go to building enclosures & turtle care.

Connect 2 Soul

Develop your connection and Intutive abilites

Develop your gifts while making new friends and sharing time with like minded people Meditation,Psychic Development, Holistic Self Awareness, Energy Healing, Spiritual exploration, Have fun - develop - contact for a class near YOU.