Private Energy Healing Sessions

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Everyone's needs are different:


Although Debbra is focusing on coaching, retreats and cultural journeys in Bali, she is still doing private personal sessions. These can be used as a  "test the water" prior to signing up for a coaching program or retreat or alternatively you can book a single healing session.


Whatever the reason, the Focus is fully on YOU and what YOU need to be happy, healthy, clear and successful. We are all unique and the reasons people have sessions are many and varied. Often there may be issues or stress past or current that needs to be resolved. Sometimes it is about direction and clarity, health or business. Regardless of your unique needs, sessions with Debbra will produce results fast. As a holistic & intuitive counsellor, energy healer, therapist & coach, she can work with you on all levels, mind, body, emotions & soul.

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Please take the time to read some of Debbra's client testimonials to get an informed idea of the types of issues which you can bring to a session and have resolved