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massive impact on my well-being and how I live my life. She is highly intuitive but also very grounded and realistic and has a strong business head and much experience in the property field as well as the personal growth field.


She has been so incredibly supportive of me as a coach and so genuine and caring. She has taught me how to trust and develop my own inner knowing, I call it my GPS and I now use my intuition in my business on a daily basis.


I make much better and healthier decisions now in my health and diet, my relationships and I really have learnt that I can be successful, wealthy and still be healthy, well and happy and have a feeling that I am absolutely on track in life living my higher purpose. Debbra is a treasure. Josie


Vanessa – Australia

If you want to keep blaming and making excuses to hide away. Don’t call Debbra If you want real changes, freedom from stuff that is holding you back then hop on the phone right now. I have used her services for about 20yrs now and she never ceases to amaze me. It doesn’t matter if I haven’t spoken to her for years she just tunes right in and knows exactly how to show me my next step for personal and soul development.


I am the sort of person who wants to get on with my life, my career and my family. I don’t have time for lengthy therapy or courses and I find that although I need to invest the money and set the time aside for occasional phone sessions with her I find that I get back in value much more than it costs me. Over the years she has been counsellor, therapist, coach, teacher, and healer she seems to be able to morph into what I need at the time. She is confronting at times as she works only with higher truth and has not stroked my ego which I have found that some psychics do. They make me feel wonderful at the time but don’t help me to clear any blockages or secret sabotage patterns I have, so the high I get from them doesn’t last.



A consultation with Debbra is more like a personal growth process. She helps me identify the cause of my problems or answers to my questions and then gives me the remedy to clear it all at once. Intense but that’s how I like it as I don’t like to waste time and muck around. She has got much more gentle over the years as we have all grown it has been good to be a part of her growth as well and see her change over the years. I love her. She is my secret guide that no-one knows about as my friends are all very closed to this kind of thing. Vanessa


Coaching client – Warwick . WA

After having a phone consult with Debbra I was so impressed with her insight into my whole life that I quickly booked her as my coach for 3 months. During that time over the phone and emails we looked at every single aspect of my life. No stone was left unturned and she always seemed to know exactly what we needed to clear and move through for me to have what I want in life. I realised so much about what I call the big picture.


I like to solve puzzles and she helped me to solve questions and issues I have been dealing with for years. We settled the unresolved matters from my previous marriage as well as childhood experiences. I like most I suppose didn’t even realise I was stuck back in the past but now I can see how I was running the race of life with blinkers on to the baggage I was dragging around. I have just turned 50 and now feel ready to start fresh and create a whole new life based on what I want and not what other people wanted me to be.


I am looking forward to another block of coaching with her after a bit of a break. I have always had a dream to travel and she has inspired me to now have the confidence to go for it. I am no longer afraid of flying or being in cultures and environments that are new. I realised that in the past I had big control issues that have stopped me from a lot of new experiences in life but NO MORE.



I intend to have a 12 month coaching package with her as I have got so much value and change out of the 3 mths I am excited at the prospects of how far I can go with her as my lifestyle coach in the future. I feel like I have wasted so much of my life already but now I am committing 100% to living and Debbra has helped me to find that.



Paul – Adelaide

Debbra is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. I met her at a time when I was without a purpose and had moods and feelings that I didn’t understand. She has helped me to get to know myself and figure out WHO I am and she has helped me  like no-one else could to understand, that life is a journey, and adventure, long or short and that we can make it a meaningful and magical one.


She helped me to connect to my soul, my inner self and to create my own path in life, encouraging me to be true to myself.


I achieved and experienced so much through the time she was my mentor. The intense personal growth that she offers through her private sessions and courses have given me a grounding that for years now I can always come back to and fall back on. Although I have more to experience I now feel I am on exactly the right path and I am in touch with what I need to be happy in life which I now understand is a personal thing for us all.


I have a degree in psychology now and am aiming to complete my masters over the next few years which is a path Debbra helped me to realise. She is a constant inspiration to me as someone who helps people to make the most of their lives. Paul



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