More of Debbras Client's Stories


So many of Debbra's past clients have experienced life changing results from thier time with Debbra.

Nattie – Qld.

Hi – I am a massage therapist and naturopath. I had always wanted to expand into the area of holistic healing and energy work as I am passionate about the field of psychosomatic illness and how stress impacts on our well-being. I have done many courses and learnt many different techniques and modalities over the last 10 years but still lacked confidence as I always felt something was missing. Hiring Debbra as my healing trainer and personal mentor has changed all of that.


She helped me to bring everything together and gave me a strong foundation of knowledge, not technical but way beyond that. She helped me to tap into my inner healer identity and my soul and taught me how to connect with and trust that part that knows what to do, which has taken my business to a whole new level.



She is a true artist in this field that I love so much and I now enjoy my work so much more than I did before, I always felt like I knew what I was doing but I felt like I had to try hard and was always burning out. I have learnt to take care of my own energy and how not be drained and how to work and be more energised. I feel very blessed to have found her and I know I can call her whenever I hit a curly one as she has such a deep well of knowledge and always puts her finger right on the issue every time. Nattie

Kerin – Nth Queensland

Debbra: I am amazed at the huge difference that just one session over the phone has made for me. Thankyou for helping me to get to the bottom of and find a solution to a debilitating and ongoing chronic problem. I had spent years trying to work it out myself and in just one session you helped me see the source clearly and even at a distance made it  simply vanish. Kerin