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Ultimate Focus Coaching & Personal Mentoring


          A Holistic Self Development Program – designed just for you.

Would you love a self development teacher & mentor on the end of a phone – working one on one with you, face 2 face OR by phone , without having to leave the comfort of your own home? Would you like an individually catered process that is designed step by step especially for you? No groups, workshops or coaching systems that are generic and aimed at general issues.

Absolute convenience, privacy and confidentiality assured


Working with one of the best in the field of self-development and conscious evolution in Australia.
As the process is so individualised, it is impossible to describe in a few short lines, so if you would like to know more please email to organise a no obligation phone call with Debbra, where you can discuss your unique situation and determine if this work could assist you to achieve your goals, personal or professional desired changes. Book a phone call.

These sessions are not clairvoyant and will not predict your future, Debbra's psychic abilities are used to accelerate the process so she can help you uncover what you need to move forward quickly and change deeply. A series of sessions with Debbra will have you blasting through blocks and achieving your goals.  Design a new life or fine tune the one you have. We can work on up-leveling areas like work/business/life path.




Ultimate Focus Private Consult

Single consults with Debbra, although less extensive compared to a coaching program, are a powerful & rewarding experience not to be underestimated. We are all unique and the reasons people have sessions are many and varied. Private consults with Debbra can help you to clear any issues or stress, past or current, affecting your well-being, so you can feel confident to move forward. Whether it is around work, relationships or any other personal matte, Debbra can assist.


This is no ordinary consult, Debbra brings all of her extensive skills and experience to your session. She will assist you to grow through any difficulty, increasing in your self awareness, clarity and personal power. It is said that we grow stronger through our life challenges, but only if we can resolve the issues, move through them and embrace the growth that follows.

Holistic Counselling & Therapy for Trauma 
Therapy – Holistic

Debbra is a highly experienced therapist and can help you work through any issues from the past or in the present. People enjoy the opportunity of working with someone detached – neutral and non judgemental. The sessions are a safe space for you to deal with any personal issues. Some people prefer the added privacy and convenience of being able to work on the phone without leaving home.

Emotional issues can be overwhelming – sometimes people need help to be less emotional and other times to be more emotional. It is all so individual and there is no one type of session to suit all – every session is designed for each person’s individual needs. Your privacy will be respected and you are able to express anything that is bothering you or that you need help with. Issues that may be in your “too hard basket”