Debbra Schembri isn’t your ordinary psychic, life coach or healer


Her gifts show YOUR endless opportunities so you can be healthy, happy and successful

Debbra Schembri Life Coach, Psychic, Healer, Spiritual Guide, Meditation Teacher, Intuitive, Energy healer

“When sleeping women wake, mountains move.” ~ Chinese Proverb



With 30 years’ coaching experience and her unique intuitive abilities, Debbra has the ability to tune into your highest potential and support you to achieve what you want in life, especially if you are transitioning your life. She is able to help you see your life purpose and align yourself with that to bring more meaning to life.


If you are already on track she can assist you to take your next step as it is a never ending journey when you are committed on a path of transformation and empowerment. She will help you to be happy and healthy while doing your life's work and have it all.


She knows from personal experience that it's easy for women to self-sacrifice usually with all of the best intentions.


Her gifts became evident in the early ’90s when Debbra, herself a high-achieving successful businesswoman, went through what she calls a “magical, spontaneous and dramatic awakening” that changed the whole focus of her life.


She now knows it was her soul waking her up to her higher potential and her own transition, and ever since she has been a guide for others on a path of holistic success and conscious evolution.


Today, Debbra presents exclusive one-to-one programs, retreats and group work all over the world, including regularly in Australia, Bali and online.


She has helped thousands of women on their soul path to live a happier and more meaningful life that is aligned with their deepest values and life purpose.

Debbra's Passion

Debbra Schembri is a gifted and compassionate Healer, Counsellor Conscious Evolution Coach & Holistic Trainer. She has facilitated dramatic change transformation and healing in her own life as well as the lives of countless others through private sessions and her many and various courses, retreats and overseas journeys.


She is passionate about empowering people to be Happier, Healthier & more Successful through Holistic Self Awareness & Education of Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit. She sincerely believes in every person’s right and ability to be happy & successful regardless of their past or current stress or circumstances.


Debbra has run unique self-development Courses since 1992 and has trained many hundreds of holistic therapists and healers as well as supporting men and women from all walks of life on their personal empowerment and self-development journeys.


Much of what she was teaching  in the 90's that was considered very alternative or esoteric is now accepted as mainstream. Methods like meditation and holistic healing methods are now complimentary to the mainstream medical system.


She works intuitively with groups as well as individuals which ensures the content is relevant to her audience.


She works with people from all walks of life and is well known for her light-hearted approach while doing very powerful transformational work. It is a non-religious approach and although she honours all religions and belief systems she does not belong to or have any affiliations with any groups or organisations, spiritual, religious or otherwise.


She has touched many lives with her love, genuine caring, and passion for Self Education and continues her journey of learning and teaching in the fields of natural health, self development and conscious evolution.


Experience Skills & Qualifications


Accredited Counsellor AIPC

Diploma Professional Counselling

Stress Management Specialist

Holistic Wellness Coach

Abuse & Trauma Counselling Certificate

Emotional Management & Education Cert

Relationship Counsellor Certificate

Psychotherapist various methods


Retreat Leader & Overseas Adventures Guide - Spiritual & Cultural.

Psychic Lifestyle Coach

Holistic Success Coach

Conscious Evolution Coach & Teacher

Meditation Teacher / Therapist /Healer

Holistic Therapist / Teacher / Trainer

Energy Healer / Teacher / Trainer

Reiki Master Teacher


Medical Intuitive

Masters of metaphysics

Career Guide / Life Path Advisor

Psychosomatic Healing Teacher

Intuitive Massage Therapist / Teacher

Body worker / Acupressure / Teacher

Metaphysical Healer / Teacher

Astrology consultant

Energy Intuitive / Empath / Soul Channel

Psychic Development Teacher

Advanced Diploma Esoteric Healer

Advanced Diploma Esoteric Teacher


Self Renovation Teacher / Life Architect

Voice Dialogue

Chakra Healer & Teacher

Inner Child Healing

Past Life Regression / Karmic Guide

Soul Mentor / Spiritual Teacher / Guide   

Aura Soma level 2

Breath / Colour & Sound Therapist.

Sweat lodge Facilitator

Shamanic Healer & Teacher

Chanting, Bioenergetics


Food as Medicine- Herbal Medicine

Nutrition & Diets

EFT - Tapping

Chi Kung